Veken Pet Fountain Review

Veken Pet Fountain

The Veken pet fountain is one of the best available in the market. The look and feel are admirable for both cats and medium size dogs.

Veken Pet Fountain
Triple-filtration system
Ultra-quiet pump
High-quality BPA free material
Attractive flow designs
Large capacity tank
Operate through an AC adapter
Veken Pet Fountain

We’ve all been there before. That sinking feeling in our gut as we watch our furry friends drink from the bottom of the tub or sink. Whether you have a small or large pet, there’s no reason to send your little buddies back to the bowl when there’s a more convenient alternative.

For most of us, it’s a small challenge to find the best way to take care of our pets. The best way to keep your pets hydrated is with a pet fountain. The Veken Pet Fountain is one of the few water fountains on the market that has the ability to keep pets hydrated, while not having to continuously refill your pet’s bowl. This is a great solution for owners that are looking for a way to avoid an expensive solution, without sacrificing the health of their pets.

The purpose of the Veken Pet Fountain is to filter and purify the water of a pet, while also making it aesthetically pleasing.

Veken Pet Fountain 84oz-2.5L
Veken Pet Fountain 84oz-2.5L
Veken 95oz-2.8L Pet Fountain
Veken 95oz-2.8L Pet Fountain

What's Include in The Box:

  • Pet Water Fountain – 1
  • Adapter – 1
  • DC Pump – 1
  • Filters – 3
  • Pre-filter Sponge – 1
  • Silicone Mat -1 
  • Instruction Manual – 1

Veken Pet Fountain Instructions Manual

A pet water fountain is a convenient and hygienic way to provide your pets with clean, fresh water. It is important to regularly clean the fountain according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the build-up of bacteria and ensure the health and well-being of your pets. Here is the Veken pet fountain instruction manual for your easy to maintain it.


Veken Pet Fountain Features

There are many features in Veken pet fountain.

Large capacity

When it comes to choosing a pet fountain, the most important thing is your pet’s water and food intake. Staying hydrated is the key to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases. Considering a larger capacity means you don’t have to refill the fountain frequently. According to Vet Sarah Elliott;

  • Kitten up to three months (1.4kg) – 70ml
  • Six-month-old kitten (2.7kg) – 135ml
  • Medium cat (4kg) – 200ml
  • Large cat (6kg) – 300ml

This is why the Veken pet fountain is the perfect solution for your pet’s water intake. This pet fountain comes in three capacities, 95 oz, 100 oz, and 84 oz.



The Veken pet drinking water fountain is made of high-quality food-grade material. It’s durable, BPA free, and easy to operate and clean. The water-level window and LED Light let you observe how much water your pet has drunk in real-time, you can see exactly when you need to fill the water bowl.

Flow design

Veken Pet Fountain is designed to meet the needs of various pets. It is a great way to keep your pets hydrated and healthy. The free-falling stream will attract curious pets to check it out. Veken Pet Fountain has 3 modes

  1. Flower waterfall
  2. Gentle fountain

Flower waterfall:

The free-falling stream and bright color will attract curious pets to check it out. The waterfall mode has a gentle flow and seems to echo the flow of a real water fountain. It is ideal for small cats and medium size dogs.

Flower bubble:

The bubble mode is similar to the flower waterfall mode, but with a lower speed and a longer pause between each bubble. This setting allows you to control how much water your pet drinks while they play with the bubbles.

Gentle fountain:

The gentle mode is designed for older pets that may have difficulty drinking large amounts of water at once. It has a slow flow rate and pauses between each bubble that keeps your pet hydrated while they play with the bubbles.

Veken Pet Fountain Flow Designs

Triple-filtration system

The Veken Pet Fountain has triple-filter system that keeps your pets drinking water fresh, clean, and safe. It has an activated carbon layer that removes unpleasant odors and bacteria from the water, a thick non-woven fabric layer to keep the water flowing freely, and an ion exchange resin to remove any chemicals or heavy metals.

The fountain uses gravity to keep the water flowing so you don’t have to do anything but put the lid on after filling it. The Veken pet fountain filters last 2 to 3 weeks, so you don’t have to replace filters as often. The Triple Filtration System is ideal for pets with long hair or who shed a lot.

Veken Pet Fountain Triple-filtration system

Ultra-quiet pump

The Veken Pet Fountain pump is ultra-quiet measured below 40dB, which means it won’t disturb pets. It also has low energy consumption. In case your fountain pump is lost you can order Veken pet fountain replacement pump on Amazon store.

Lovable Design

The Veken pet water dispenser is compact, making it ideal for any home. Its small size does not take up too much space, and ensures that your pet will have enough water. Also, it meets the needs of small and medium-sized pets.

Flow Rate

Water should flow slowly out of the spout for a cat to want to drink from it. The flower design allows for the selection of various flow rates, so you’ll be able to find a setting that works for your pet. You can also remove the flower entirely and have more of a ripple bowl, which some cats may prefer (this will serve as well for dogs).


How to Clean Veken Pet Fountain Pump

Cleaning the pump is very important for long life of fountain and to work properly. You should clean it twice a month. Here are the steps to clean it;

  1. Take out the sponge
  2. Take out the pump cover
  3. Take out the impeller
  4. Wash the parts with dish soap and warm water
Clean Veken Pet Fountain Pump

Considerations for a Pet Water Fountain

If you’re thinking of getting a pet water fountain, there are a few things you should consider before you make your purchase.

Size: What type of pet fountain do you need? Small fountain for your cat or a large for your dog. Make sure you get one that fits in the space you have and is of the right size for your pet.

Noise: You don’t want your pet water fountain to be too loud, so make sure to find one that operates quietly.

Water Flow Rate: You want to make sure the fountain produces enough water for your pet to drink, so look for one with a good water flow rate.

Power Supply: Be sure to choose one that is appropriate for your area – for example, if you live in an area with frequent power outages; make sure your fountain has a backup power supply.

Finally, filter. Not all pet water fountains come with a filter, so make sure the one you’re getting does. A filter helps keep your pet’s water clean and free of impurities. Once you have all these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect pet fountain for your beloved pet!