Valve Steam Controller Review 2022

Valve Steam Controller Review

Steam controller is worth the price, but considering other controllers it needs some improvements in trackpads and layout.

Valve Steam Controller Review
Valve Steam Controller
It is an Innovative design touchpad
Steam games on your TV, those ones designed without controller support in mind
It facilitates a gamepad control for mouse controlling games
Customized software, easy to configure with 2 extra programmable back grip buttons
The size of the buttons is small
Needs improvement in controls
Valve Steam Controller

Being a gaming nerd, the Steam controller is something accurate for me.

Yes, I can recommend it to several others to make their gaming experience exclusive.

It is undeniable that the Steam controller is alike oddball. It does not contain a particular place in between all your gaming subsidiaries. Most probably when you are able to use your console’s controller on your personal computer.

What if you don’t have a console, does this Valve’s Steam controller have anything notable over the controller of Xbox One or the DualShock® 4?


Gladly yes, this Steam controller acquires high strength which is its evident trackpads. It makes this controller work quite better as an alternate of mouse and keyboard controls. It could be a bit less concise or uncomfortable to use while playing action games.

Key Specification:

  • Two trackpads
  • Detectable sensor
  • Around 80 hours of battery life with the use of two AA batteries
  • Wireless (USB 2.0 Connector) and wired (Cable included)
  • HD Haptic
  • Approx. 5 meters of wireless range
  • Fully-customizable control schemes
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer

In this review, I have mentioned detailed insights about the Valve Steam controller.

According to my experience, its trackpads may not give you the same experience as normal virtual stick on a tablet or a phone. But this experience is not comparable to your own actual physical analog sticks within your thumbs.

When it first came out, it was brimmed with strength and potential. Its typical touchpad setup and personalization options have made quite great.

Its touchpads tweakable sensitivity also claimed to give a mouse and keyboard concise gamepad.

But what is the thing which makes it different from others?

Its loadout system, it allows you to customize what each button and axis does on the basis of the game by game. Then you can easily share the control scheme you made with the Steam partial controller support.

Whatsoever, after several months, it had not happened, the Steam controller is still being like a beta product.


Features of Steam Controller

This Steam controller is in rich in the personalization like PS4 controllers. It has exclusive features that make it use worth.

So here it is;

1. Dual TrackPads

There are several certain genres that have unsuitable for consoles only because of the absence of pinpoint precision of a mouse. This problem is solved in this Steam controller. It allows the 1:1 input for better control of your favorite city builder. It seems a bit pitiful initially but it is quite better in comparison to several other genres.

Steam Controller Dual Trackpad

2. Haptic Feedback

You may know about haptic feedback from your smartphone.

It is the technology that is responsible for making your screen buzz and vibration on touch. But Valve Steam controller configuration takes it to another level. Its modern version has evolved in the trackpads on the controller, along with the triggers and other inputs. It will give you the feeling of virtual trackball that you will experience spinning. It will make your controller far more intuitive.


3. Completely Configurable Buttons

For me, a similar button layout will not be suitable for every game.

This Steam controller made it simple to make the function of every button according to you. It lets you swap on the basis of each game. The Steam community is liable to upload profiles for some particular games to not bother you customizing each button yourself. It is quite robust in comparison to the traditional controller.

4. Back Paddles

This Steam controller acquires two paddle buttons which are tucked at the back of its handles that provide like two more programmable buttons. It is popular enough and mostly gets used by high-end controllers. It could be best to facilitate you while playing in any of your armchairs on a bigger screen, as its mouse and keyboard are worthy of the accuracy on a PC.

Steam Controller Back Paddles

5. Pair Four Controllers

The Steam controller has a wireless USB dongle that is used for pairing the controllers with your system. The standard thing for consoles is to connect four controllers at once. It has positive impacts for playing games on PC. Wireless connectivity is worth streaming the process ahead in opposition to messy wires.


Design of Valve Steam Controller

I always consider the design of everything, it’s same with this Steam controller.

This Steam controller is not something sleek or subtle, but I can say that it is a bit brute.

It is not wide or taller in contrast to the Xbox One or DualShock 4 controllers, in fact, it is roly-poly. The main culprits are its handgrips. It will get the curve into your palm. It will take time for you to get used to it.

The buttons of this controller are quite small in size. You may get confused while pressing. It will make your movement precise because of its stiffness, but don’t think that it will hurt your thumbs.

Its bumpers and analog triggers are at the place you want that to be. It is inaccurate reach to your middle and index fingers.

There is something you may not know about, the two extra paddles tucked underneath the controller, where your little fingers will rest. It is a good thing to have two additional buttons that make it easy to use.

Overall, its design is much finer and good to handle.

Should You Purchase the Steam Controller

After all this, you may still wonder is the Steam controller good?

So yes it is quite profitable to get in comparison to other traditional gamepads.

Its touchpad has an additional input method that seems good similarity to a mouse. There are several buttons too, which simply shows that you can enjoy your game without the use of the keyboard.

I can say that this Steam controller is not much suitable for playing games on your desktop. All the benefits of this Steam controller are for third-person action games. For all the first-person shooters and strategic games, you will give an eye to your traditional mouse and keyboard.

You will have to give some time to get used to it. It becomes a bit counter-intuitive because of the usage of analog sticks.

However, the more time you spend with it the more games you can play with it. It will make your experience better day by day. Initially, you will be at learning process of playing with this Steam controller.

I think it’s essential to mention that it is not good for your thumbs.


Wondering to get it?

If you are comfortable with the above mentions issues then, simply get this Valve Steam controller on amazon. It is a good controller if getting compared to other controllers, but it could be more improved. But it is an undeniable fact that this is a featured packed and robust gamepad you can get to enjoy playing your games.