The Cheapest VPNs For All Purpose

The Cheapest VPNs

There’s a myth that only an expensive VPN can serve the needs of internet users. VPNs with low pricing are either restricted in features or selling your data to third parties. Let me clear this to you guys; it’s patently false. A cheap VPN can be as good as the most expensive one. All you need to do is find the best Cheap VPN.

In case your pocket isn’t allowing you to spend a lot of money on your VPN subscription, then it is no problem. There are many affordable VPN providers available having similar and equivalent features to a premium VPN service.

In this guide, we will tell you, which VPNs with lower prices are trustworthy and good to cater to all your online requirements. So, let’s begin.


Why VPN is Important?

Are you among those people who think they have nothing to hide on the internet? What about your chats, emails, VoIP conversations, photos, and banking details? Are they not worth protecting? There are thousands of threats lurking in the digital world to get access to your data and harm you in one way or another.

Governments and Data Brokerage firms are keeping a close eye on your browsing patterns, website history, purchasing habits, and much more. All this data is used to create a profile on you so you can be spied upon or served with targeted ads.

 To avoid such hassles and threats, all you need is a VPN. Not everyone can afford to pay $12 a month. So, we are presenting the most affordable VPNs for you.


Cheap vs Free VPN - Which One to Choose

Why get a Cheap VPN when you can easily use a free VPN and still enjoy anonymity online? Majority of the people prefer to cut costs and make use of a free VPN and assume their identities are secure online. This is the biggest myth we want to unfold and educate our users about the possible dangers regarding free VPNs and what they lack.

Security will be Compromised

While researching, a case study examined that SuperVPN and Betternet are among the free VPNs which contain viruses. Using these VPNs would reduce browsing speed and disconnect countless times as they are filled with viruses and malware. 

Data Usage and Bandwidth Limits

Free VPN has a set bandwidth limit that bounds your browsing experience. After reaching your maximum bandwidth limit you will have to find another VPN provider. While a cheap VPN includes unlimited bandwidth.

Speed is Hindered

These free VPNs use unsecured tunneling protocols which hinder speed. No matter how fast your connection is, these VPNs would diminish your overall experience.

Logs are Kept

There is no guarantee that these VPNs would uphold their privacy policies. If some of the paid VPNs can get caught with such actions, then you cannot expect honest policies from a free VPN. You never know if your online sessions are being recorded and sold to third-party companies.

They don’t Unblock Netflix

Users think these free VPNs give full access to US Netflix; this is far from the truth. It could be a rare possibility that it unblocks Netflix through the few servers it has. Netflix has a strong security team that detects premium VPNs and blocks them. Free VPNs cannot compete if their servers are continuously blocked.


What To Look For When Choosing A Cheap VPN Service?

Buying a VPN is a serious decision. Why? Don’t be astonished by cheap prices, focus on what is being offered and what protocols come with the package. A few things need to be kept in mind and followed religiously before you pick the best cheapest VPN.

Fast Speed

This is important because a VPN reroutes your connection twice making your speed slower than the normal speed provided by your internet service provider. Do a speed test before you make your decision, so your overall experience is not affected.

100% secure No Log Policy

Cheap VPNs should have a clean history with their logging policy. Make sure you read the entire log policy with precision and patience to see if there are any hidden clauses.

Fast Customer Support

Live chat support is a must-have because there could be instances when you need instant technical support. Without the live chat support, your queries would be ticketed and the support team would take 1-3 days to respond.

Server Location

A VPN is as good as the number of working servers it has. Look at the number of servers the cheapest VPN is offering and make your decision accordingly.

Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

Choose the yearly plans of cheap VPNs because they provide the most cost-saving discounts. Monthly plans are rarely affordable. Having a VPN is an investment so make sure you make a good investment by looking at the annual price savings.


List of 3 Best Cheap VPNs

After testing multiple VPNs, we have made a list of the 5 best Cheap VPNs that we recorded have strong security protocols and provide a safe browsing experience.

Editor's Choice



Private Internet Access

Value for money


By now we are sure you would pick the best cheap VPN over a free VPN. Only a minor would compromise their identity and privacy for a short span while making his identity visible to the world through a free VPN. A cheap VPN is misunderstood by many who believe the low cost indicates it’s not worth it.

 We disagree as it offers the same features and solid encryption protocols without compromising much on your budget.


When it comes to buying the best cheap VPN, price matters a lot because you need to optimize your streaming at the best possible price without compromising online security. The majority of VPNs offer an overpriced monthly plan which does not categorize as cheap.

Go through the cheap VPN table mentioned above and compare the annual prices of the VPNs. Before making a decision, choose the yearly plan because it provides the best discount on your monthly billings. By our standards, we call a VPN as cheap by looking at the monthly plan and the yearly plan.

There is a general assumption that a Cheap VPN is not a worthy choice because it may disrupt your privacy and compromise on quality. This is partially true because we examined many cheap VPNs that compromised privacy.

Being a cost-friendly VPN does not indicate it keeps logs. We are confident that many cheap VPNs have a strict no-logging policy and no such data-retaining incidents have been found.

You need to go through their privacy policies and dig deep to ensure what their clauses indicate. If the VPN keeps logs then close your browser because the purpose of the VPN is flawed there; compromising privacy!

YES! Do not confuse the word cheap with lesser features. A cheap VPN has the same features as a premium VPN. This is because both VPNs provide the same features give or take a few things. Protocols supported, no logs, highest grade encryptions, you name it.

A Cheap VPN has all the basic functions of other dominant VPN providers. However, you will find differences if you start comparing the features and list down the exact count. For example, these are the possible features that would lack in a Cheap VPN.

Note: There is a possibility these features will be provided, but there is no guarantee that they will work.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Servers for torrenting and streaming
  • Do not work in China
  • Netflix support missing
  • Kill Switch