Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G930 Wireless Headphone Review

However, when judged by its overall performance Logitech G930 offers great value for its price and offers quite user friendly software experience.

Logitech G930 Wireless Headphone Review
Logitech G930
Sound quality is very good for gaming
Logitech 930 offers top-notch wireless functionality.
Connecting logitech headset G930 to your desktop is extremely simple.
The padded earcups G930 logitech is equipped with makes it comfortable to wear.
You will miss depth and bass to your music if you are using logitech G930.
Logitech G930 cannot stay connected for a longer period.
Logitech G930 cannot be connected to your phone or tablet.
Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Logitech G930 is a wireless gaming headset that has evolved and transformed the gaming experiences of the gamers after getting launched.

To get connected all you have to do is connect a small dongle device to your PC and turn your headset on with a button, that’s it. It is quite comfortable to wear.

As the name suggests that it is specifically designed for gaming so it serves the purpose quite well, after purchasing it you are actually going to be free of all those wire tangling and haggling issues, because of it being wireless.

Logitech G930 Specification

  • Logitech G930 boasts around 10 hours of battery life.
  • It has a headphone frequency of 20Hz-20KHz.
  • It has a microphone frequency of 50-20KHz.
  • G930 comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • It has a rotatable omnidirectional microphone.
  • It has Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound channels
  • It weighs around 8oz.
  • Its size is 9.8 x 9 x 4.3 inches

This review is about Logitech G930so below you will find all the relevant information about the product that will help you decide whether you should buy this product or not.

What’s in the box?

  • Headset
  • USB wireless adapter
  • Charging base*
  • User documentation

* Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.

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Logitech G930 Design

Logitech G930 is an intelligently designed device. It features broad and adjustable headband with padded earcups. A microphone is mounted on the left earcup which you can adjust according to the distance you want it away from your mouth.


The left ear cup has an on/off switch, the volume adjusting roller, a surround-sound button and three other programmable buttons that will help you skip music tracks and do several other things.


If you are a gamer and all you want is to free yourself from the unreasonable tyranny of the audio jack and USB port. All those wires hanging from your headphone just muddle your gaming experience and annoy you then after purchasing Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 you will definitely be put at ease.

It is the purchase that will put the gamer inside you into a comfort zone because you won’t have to deal with all those wires and ports anymore. All you’ll have to do is connect your G930 to your desktop and you’re done.

The comfortable and adjustable headband will perfectly fit according to your head size so no more tight, uncomfortable headsets and eventually you’ll be at ease. The padded earcups make the entire hearing experience a very comfortable one for its user.

Noise-cancelling Mic

Decrease the background sounds. Be heard loudly and clearly without any background noise to distract you. The microphone only picks up your voice. Turn the microphone boom up and away from the speaker to mute. A red indicator alerts you that you are muted.

G930 Gaming Performance

The sound quality that Logitech G930 headset offers is quite appropriate for the gamers. The headset can be considered quite loud and bassy with a low end. The 7.1 Dolby surround sound that G930 offers work great for shooting games and all sorts of action games.

Logitech wireless gaming headset is truly designed for competitive gameplay. It has become the most favorite headset used by gamers in a very short period of time. Every shot that you fire and every move that you take will make you feel that you are present in the actual battlefield and not on your desk.

The surround sound feature makes it easier for you to detect your opponent’s positions. The microphone is audible and quite clear. You can even make modulations with your voice and turn it into a robot’s or alien’s voice.

Logitech G930 software

G930 is equipped with intuitive software. Logitech G930 software is one of the best gaming peripherals because it lets you control all of your Logitech gaming gadgets from one place.

Its intuitive and simple interface lets you do what you want. If you are operating with Logitech mouse and keyboard the headset will let you create different sound profiles for all of your games. Not many headsets let you create different sound profiles so this feature takes G930 up a level.

The software is capable to scan your computer on its own and create profiles for different games on its own. Logitech G930 software offers an overall clear, simple, and frustration-free user experience.

Note: If you are using Windows 10 and facing connectivity problems, just go to Logitech official website download the latest Logitech G930 updated software, install it, and then reboot your system.


Wireless Connectivity

Who doesn’t wants ease? The word wireless emits feelings of ease itself. Headphones with wires that get tangled every other moment and make lives miserable are a thing of the past.

Now is the era where we get to use wireless headphones. Like many other brands Logitech also came up with several wireless headsets but G930 is one of its kind, because of the multiple benefits this product has to offer. Being wireless it saves a lot of your time because it connects you directly to your desktop just with a click of a button.


If you’re not a finicky music person then Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 will work quite fine for you. If you are an audiophile you must not be using Logitech G930 to listen to music, but just in case you are using it for music listening then disappointment is what you will get as a reward.

It basically depends upon your music taste for certain genres these headphones work quite fine but for some genres the soundscape of music might feel flat, missing almost all of the high and mid-end touches.

Programmable Three G-Keys

Use a single touch to control game components like music and chat clients. G-keys are easily accessible and placed on the left ear cup. With the simple-to-use Logitech Gaming Software*, you can easily configure G-keys.

*Logitech Gaming Software (LSG), which is accessible on the official website, is required for different profile settings.

Logitech G930 Three programmable G-Keys

Should You Buy it?

Yes! Logitech G930 is great product for you if you are into gaming, therefore it is a great choice for gamers. It works excellently with games. Being wireless also eases up a lot of things for its users. It offers phenomenal game sounds, intuitive design, and robust software.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a headset that will suit both of your hobbies i.e. gaming and music then you must go for its competitor because G930 is not good enough for music performance.

However, when judged by its overall performance Logitech G930 offers great value for its price and offers quite user friendly software experience.