InMotion Web Hosting Review

InMotion Web Hosting Review

InMotion web hosting is a feature-oriented service that offers various tech-optimized features, but some hitches keep it away from being number 1 among the competitors.

InMotion Web Hosting Review
Savvy up-time
Email set up offered
Responsive service
Helpful customer support
90-day money-back guarantee
Must have separate logins for all add-ons
No immediate Activation for Subscribers Outside of the US

InMotion Hosting qualifies as one of the best domain hosts out there for both beginners as well as for advanced users. It is powered by a sleek user interface that is easy to navigate. In addition, it offers several support features to get you initiated. This includes advanced features such as custom job options that give professional users the ability to navigate as well as to customize the website according to their needs.

InMotionis a reputable as well as a popular U.S.-based company that offers a large variety of web hosting services for over a decade. InMotion has many shared hosting plans, all marketed as tools to help kick start your business.This may sound a little complicated for users that operate from within their home offices, but don’t let that create doubts in your mind. InMotion is easy to use for everyone, no matter where they are from.


Maximized Average Uptime

While testing InMotion for our review, we discovered a fantastic breakthrough in its average uptime that is 99.99 percent after numerous tracking and monitoring processes.

Affordable Pricing

The new and revised pricing of InMotion is competitive in the, and with all that this hosting service has to offer, it is such a bargain to be able to avail it at the discounted price of $5.99 per month with 25% Off. In the past, the company’s price policy confronted criticism from users as they claimed the price was just too high. But over time people came to the realization that they would not get a service packed with all these features at such a low cost with anywhere but with InMotion.


WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting offered by InMotion is managed carefully with the help of qualified experts who provide you with pre-installed features, automatic updates, free backups, technical support as well as WordPress-CLI integration. The support team for this, which is based in the U.S. is available to users 24/7. Since it comes with pre-installed features, you can have your website up and running within minutes. You can make use of e-commerce and many other plugins along with free domains that allow you to also transfer from an existing one or to choose an entirely new one. You get easy feature such as drag and drop, free themes to choose from, easy launching as well as easy integration.

Customer Support

Despite its cheap plans, iPage has made its customer service promise, unlike many other hosting providers in the market. iPage also offers 24/7 assistance through its toll-free helpline. A representative on live chat is always there to answer any and all queries.

Not only this, online tutorials and email support are offered to provide a detailed solution for complex queries. In case of an elaborate issue, a user will have someone get in touch with him/her through email within a day.


If there is one thing you should have no doubts about by the time you are done reading this article, it is the cost-effectiveness of this service. Being priced at $1.99 per month, iPage is probably one of the most inexpensive web hosting services that you will discover.


Premium Themes and Plugins

You can easily subscribe to the premium package which is either WP-2000 or higher that allows you to access premium WordPress themes as well as plugins. They give you the freedom to improve the SEO of your website with plugins to rank better in search engines, test changes and updates, drag and drop options for plugins, scheduled backups, as well as instant access to thousands of custom themes as well as page templates.

Free Website Migration

Whether it is about having professionals move your website or doing it yourself, with WordPress hosting, it takes zero downtime. You will only be charged for the transfer if you require the transfer of more than 3 websites that contain over 5GB worth of data. You get access to site files, databases, domain records, cPanel settings, email and much more.

High Performance

All of the WordPress hosting plans you will choose from will provide you with rapid fast SSD storage that is 20 times faster than the average hard drives out there. InMotion uses NGINX as well as PHP 7 and advanced server caching that allows your web hosting to be 10 times faster than anything else you will find in the market.


E-commerce and WordPress

You can have access to your cash flow potential with the help of several e-commerce plugins being provided to you by WordPress such as WooCommerce. All you need to do is install this plugin and within a couple of minutes, you can begin adding your products to your website. Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Essential Features of WP Hosting

  • Unlimited email accounts as well as bandwidth
  • Automated updates
  • Zero downtime in web transfers
  • Free daily backups
  • Highly advanced server caching
  • FTP, PhpMyAdmin and SSH access

WordPress Hosting Pricing

There are also 6 packages that you can choose from.

InMotion WordPress Hosting Pricing

InMotion VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is like an internet hosting service that runs its very own version of an operating system. That is what makes it so interesting during this particular review. Using this particular kind of hosting, you will have the freedom to run any software you want on this operating system.

There are two kinds of packages you can choose from, one being managed and the other being self-managed VPS hosting. Both are highly advantageous to users in a way that they provide you with high-availability servers that keep you online at all times with automatic data as well as hardware fall over.

With the help of unlocked CPUs, you can run your website at the maximum speed thereby giving your users the experience of a lifetime. And if there are any unwanted visitors that are trying to attack your website in any way, the system defends you with the help of DDoS Attack Protection. You get free backups along with live-state snapshots, as well as free SSDs that gives you 20 times the speed anyone in the market will provide you.

Essential Features of VPS Hosting:

  • Separate operating system
  • Freedom to run software
  • Maximum security
  • Automated backups
  • Full control of navigation

VPS Hosting Pricing and Packages

InMotion offers two types of VPS hosting Managed VPS hosting and Self-Managed VPS Hosting. Managed VPS package is good for agencies, resellers and business owners. Features like Free server management, patching and updates are also available with cPanel and WHM addons.

Self-Managed VPS Hosting is a good option for administrators and developers which includes features like Root access with SSH keys for control and addons like unmanaged command line VPS also available.

InMotion VPS Hosting Pricing and Packages

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting you get better performance along with excess storage that is all based on SSD servers. This type of hosting gives you a chance to use the best of the best Linux Dedicated Servers that can be easily altered to fit the requirement you need for your business. You can choose between single and dual dedicated processor servers that come coupled with free SSDs with a single purpose, and that is to enhance your experience as a user. You get flexibility, reliability as well as scalability with dedicated hosting.


Essential Features of Dedicated Hosting:

  • based dedicated server hosting team
  • Free cPanel and WHM
  • Preinstalled servers
  • Free SSDs
  • Free server management
  • Free solid date drives
  • Excellent customer support team
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 100 percent network up-time guarantee

Pricing and Packages

There are a total of 6 packages you can choose from.

InMotion Dedicated Hosting Pricing and Packages

High-Tech Servers

In 2010, Google announced that the server speed of a website would have a great impact on its overall search engine ranking among other things such as quality of inbound links, domain name and content present on the website. This is what makes a high-tech server such a precious commodity to have, if you want to see your business flourish.

Moreover, if you are a product selling website, then rest assured that your traffic will vanish if your website loads slowly. Fast servers are critical to keeping your traffic intact and your users interested in your website.

InMotion proves to be a reliable provider with an average website loading time of 644ms, which is 67% faster than the competition’s average of 1059ms.Consider another company, Web Hosting Pad, at a low average website load time of ~1862ms.Comparatively, inMotion takes the lead.

Customer Support System

inMotion claims to be a pioneer in the industry it resides in. This essentially means that the services it provides to users are effective, remarkable and fast. This is something most competitors in the industry forget to focus on, but InMotion knows how to take care of its users. After many queries submitted to InMotion’s customer support –in the post and live chat- It was found that their claims were in fact, true.

In addition, their customer support was helpful, friendly, paid attention to details, was prompt and focused greatly on resolving queries professionally.


Money Back Guarantee

You can enjoy a money back guarantee up to 90 days on dedicated, WordPress and VPS hosting plans with InMotion

The market offers 30 days money back guarantee, but InMotion ups the ante with 90 days and has been giving all of its competitors a run for their money!

InMotion Integration and Apps

It claims to be the most significantly open source project in the web hosting industry with more than 310 supported applications including WordPress, Drupal and many more. Also, many shopping carts and e-commerce such as b2b and Magento in particular.

Supports E-commerce Systems

E-commerce is the new future of web hosting and InMotion grabs the future by being an active partner betweenPrestashop and SiteGround e-commerce services.

This support keeps you at bay from all the hassle of finding new payment options, interfaces, and other e-commerce features on your website. You can efficiently manage all this with the e-commerce partnership with InMotion web hosting.

InMotion Free Data Backup up

Unlike other web hosting companies who charge a hefty fee for data backup, InMotion does not charge a penny for data back up and offers you free backup up to 10 GB.  It ensures that your data is automatically backed up and therefore never lost.On top of all this, it provides you with user-friendly tools to manage and monitor your data backup. You will be fluent in using InMotion in no time!

Secure Servers

InMotionhas an active security system (TDS) that works on modernizingDos and Windows databases and offers excellent protection against security threats.

Final Thoughts

InMotion provides users with exactly what they need in order to utilize their websites to their fullest capacity. With the help of several features as well as plugins that come equipped with data transfers, automated installs, and free backups, what more can users want? It is a company that is striving to provide users with the best of services at the lowest cost in the market. I would most definitely like to add that my takeaway from this experience is that the hosting services provided by InMotion are highly easy to understand for everyone whether the user is new or experienced. It levels the playing field.

What I Took Away From InMotion Hosting Services

  • Maximized uptime  (99.99%)
  • Fast page load time (~630ms)
  • Prompt customer support
  • Affordable rates and free domain names
  • Free website transfer
  • Free and automated data backups
  • Secure hosting