Bitdefender Total Security 2022 Review

Bitdefender Total Security Review

With excellent protection to scan time and malware protection, Bitdefender Total Security is one of a kind antivirus suit for all your needs

Bitdefender Total Security Review
Excellent protection against malware
Multiple layers of ransomware protection keep your files safe
Low system performance hit
Webcam protection feature
Create encrypted, password-protected vaults on your system for confidential and sensitive documents
Parental Advisor needs more detailing
Slow customer support
Bitdefender Total Security

When it comes to providing users with adequate security against online threats, Bitdefender has always been at the front lines with its security products. Their latest security product called Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is way ahead in the game of security. For the sake of our users, we decided to review all aspects of it. We understand the importance of an unbiased review of prices, features, and security aspects of antivirus software which is why we will be objective. Take a look at the features we reviewed and the variety of tests we put Bitdefender Total Security through for the sake of all our loyal readers.

Cost And What’s Covered

Bitdefender Total Security’s pricing starts at $39.98 (at the time of our review) annually (but you can get Bitdefender Total Security at a discounted price) which covers 5 devices for you in a one year subscription. If you have more devices, then you can simply opt for the $44.99 version of the package that covers 10 devices for a year.

This package covers Windows 7 to Windows 10 as well as Mac and Android operating systems. It has the added ransomware protection feature that keeps your devices safe. Unlike the other features offered by Bitdefender’s other packages, Bitdefender Total Security provides you with an anti-theft feature.

Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices 1 Year
Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices 2 Year
Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices 3 Year

Ease of Installation

Here are the steps you have to download Bitdefender Total Security 2022 on your device.

  1. If you have decided to download Bitdefender Total Security 2022, the first and foremost thing you will have to do is create an account on BitDefender’s official website. All you will need is a name, email address, and password. The account you create will be used to manage and control the subscriptions, and the devices that you control. You will need to create this account even if you have chosen the trial version of the software.
  1. Upon creating your account, you will then need to download the software installer. However, once you launch it, the download wizard will continue to install Total Security suit from the official servers of Bitdefender. You must have 2.5 GB of free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive) to install the software.
  1. Once everything is downloaded, then Bitdefender Total Security 2022 will begin installing on your device. This step, however, will let you customize the setup settings to your liking. You can opt for “Send anonymous reports to Bitdefender” or opt-out of it. You can also pick a language you prefer the software to use. During this step, there will also be a quick antivirus scan of your device. This should only take a minute or two before the software is up and running.
  1. When the installation process is complete, the software will then load its user interface as well as its protection modules. You will not need to reboot your device as the software can start to protect your device right away. Immediately after the installation, Bitdefender will install an automatic update on your device for its software so you need to be varying of that as it will download an added 60MB worth of files.

Antivirus Performance

According to the AV-Test, Bitdefender Total Security proved to have caught every single threat that it faced, whether it was an existing threat or a zero-day one. Even though Bitdefender’s malware protection is proven to stand with the most elite line of system security, its premium suites perform better at identifying certain threats than the basic Antivirus Plus suite.


Malware Protection

The biggest thing we noticed whilst checking Bitdefender Total Security is how easily it protects users while they are browsing the internet. As you very well know Bitdefender scans and filters all of the internet traffic that either comes in or goes out of your computer, thereby ensuring total security. Whether you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or even Microsoft Edge, Bitdefender Total Security has got you covered. We ran the following tests to check the antivirus software.

1. Browser Test

For the sake of our review, we tried to visit malicious websites using major browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browser and all our attempts were made futile by Bitdefender.

2. USB Test

Secondly, we checked what the software does when it is the matter of a removable drive that contains a malicious virus. In order to do this, we copied a few harmful files onto a USB drive and then plugged it into our device that had Bitdefender Total Security installed. Immediately, the software started scanning the USB drive and started cleaning it. In a manner of seconds, all harmful files were removed from the drive.

3. Infected Windows Test

Lastly, we installed Windows 10 on our device. We then proceeded to infect it with some dangerous viruses, one of them being ransomware. We then ran Bitdefender Total Security and prompted it to eliminate the threat. As expected, Bitdefender did so marvelously in a manner of minutes, and after a full system scan, the laptop was free of viruses once more.

We also ran a few independent security tests. The results are listed below.

  • AV-Test: 6/6 for Protection and Performance, 5.5/6 for Usability
  • AV-Comparatives: Advanced+ in all the tests
  • Virus Bulletin: VB100 badge

Firewall Protection

The firewall protection offered by Bitdefender Total Security can analyze the network profile that you set for your Windows, it then configures its settings accordingly. This is a great feature because since it is smart, less intervention is required by users thereby saving them a lot of time. If you wish to set a public or a private profile for the network you use manually, then you also have the option to do that.

In order to understand the efficiency of this protection better, we ran a few tests by two vulnerability scanners called Nessus and Nmap. Upon running these tests, neither one of them managed to find any sensitive information from the laptop we used while it was connected to a public network profile. However, when we used a private network profile, Nmap was able to find one open port, whereas Nessus identified two.


Security Features

What we noticed was that Bitdefender Total Security comes with a lot of security features that users can enjoy.

1. Vulnerability Scanner

This particular scanner checks as well as install several critical updates onto your device. It is smart enough to tell you when your passwords are weak and what wireless networks may be harmful to you.

2. Wi-Fi Security Advisor

This feature checks the wireless networks that you connect to for threats and security purposes.

3. SafePay

This is a secure web browser for users that protects all online transactions including online banking, online selling, and purchasing. With this feature, users are protected against phishing attempts, malware, keylogging, and session hijacking.

4. EWallet

This is a safe password manager that locks all of your sensitive information in a safe encrypted environment.

5. File Vaults

File Vaults are encrypted folders where you can secure your entire important document. They are also password protected for additional security.

6. Webcam Protection

This protects your webcam against unwanted access so that hackers do not access your feed without your knowledge.

7. Parental Advisor

This tool is specifically designed to protect your children against unwanted websites and threats online. You can easily monitor their online activity and restrict access to unwanted content via Bitdefender’s official web page.

8. File Shredder

You may delete files on your computer but if you want to permanently delete their trace from your computer. Bitdefender’s File Shredder will come in handy. These deleted files will never be recoverable.

9. OneClick Optimizer

With this feature, you can scan your computer for unwanted junk files as well as analyze privacy concerns in files.

10. Startup Optimizer

This feature allows you to decide which applications on your computer load up automatically as your device boots up. But in all fairness, Windows has this feature in-built as well.

11. Anti-Theft

You can use your Bitdefender Central account to locate your computers if they should ever go missing.

12. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup feature deletes unnecessary and large files from your storage devices and frees up a lot of space that you can utilize for more important things.

13. Bitdefender VPN

Probably the most important feature is Bitdefender Total Security’s Bitdefender VPN. This feature is in collaboration with Hotspot Shield. It is a great service that allows you to use unsafe wireless networks in public without letting in any threats to your device. The downside to this feature however is that you only get to use 200MB worth of internet a day.


Bitdefender Total Security has a lot to offer users. For a while now, it has been on top of our list of security products to keep an eye out for. While the software runs, it does an efficient job of protecting you against malware. The user interface is easy enough for users to understand and get the hang of in a manner of minutes, regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced users. As you can see from the security features we have reviewed, there is a lot to protect you from. Our final verdict is that we would definitely recommend this software to our readers.