Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2022

Bitdefender Internet Security Review

Bitdefender Internet Security is a stellar antivirus protection with extra features like Anti-Phishing, Parental Advisor, Privacy Firewall and much more for most advance internet security threats.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review
Perfect real time data protection
Web Attack Prevention, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Fraud, Safe Files and Rescue Mode
Consistently scores best protection in malware detection tests run by independent labs
Excellent online support 24/7
VPN is limited to only 200 MBs
Bitdefender Total Security

Today, if you look for great online security software on the internet, you’ll find a big list of them available in the marketplace. But, if in particular, you are seeking to secure your Windows 10 PC from threats online, you may consider Bitdefender Internet Security 2022.

Bitdefender has recently announced its latest version of Internet Security application program which we are going to give it a try today and find out what exactly does it have to offer you.

Bitdefender Internet Security Price

Currently, Bitdefender offering a huge discount on its internet security product.

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About Bitdefender Internet Security

In contrast to Bitdefender Total Security, its Internet Security program lacks in few features, but it doesn’t mean that it is worthless or of no use at all. In fact, this particular application is optimized for online threats in particular. Thus, if you do not need all the advanced features offered by the Bitdefender Total Security program, this version will be ideal for you.

The Bitdefender application offers a very simple and friendly user interface which makes it more welcoming towards its new users. They have categorized all the features into different sections, so you can easily get access to them from the menu bar on the left.  Also, there is a Vulnerability Scan and Quick Scan option in the Protection Features category.

Vulnerability Scan option helps in scanning your system and check if you have installed crucial Windows updates and make sure if all of the system’s applications are fully updated. Additionally, this feature can analyze poor account passwords of Windows and find out any vulnerability present in your Wi-Fi networks. While Quick Scan option deals with only brief scanning of your system and detect for any possible potential threat.  In fact, Protection section provides you concise detail about all the blocked applications, discovered potential threats and web attacks.

Bitdefender Internet Security additional features allow users to perform custom scan and decide on to which drives or directories they prefer scanning plus they can schedule custom scanning to perform periodically or on Windows startup.  In case if you wish any changes in scanning method, you can also adjust it to better fit your requirements.

Furthermore, Rescue Environment option is very useful in eliminating severe system infections. Thus in a nutshell, Antivirus feature supports prevention and even set default actions for USB devices, optical media and network drives.


Bitdefender Highlighted Features

Bitdefender internet security offers you the first-class security towards internet threats on your Windows based devices, without consuming a lot of device sources. Bitdefender Internet Security named as the product of the year by independent antivirus testing lab AV-Comparatives and awarded with exceptional protection and best overall performance by another independent lab AV-Test.

Bitdefender Internet Security includes complete protection for Windows.


  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Webcam Protection
  • Safe Online Banking
  • Parental Advisor
  • File Shredder
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Social Network Protection
  • Password Manager
  • Vulnerability Assessment


  • Complete Data Protection
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Safe Files
  • Secure Browsing
  • Rescue Mode


  • Bitdefender Autopilot
  • Bitdefender Photon
  • Battery Mode
  • Cloud Integration
  • Game, Movie & Work Modes
Bitdefender Internet Security Audio and Video Protection

Improved Firewall and New Anti-Ransomware

By their own particular record, Bitdefender never fails to amaze with the best Internet security and its amazing performances. Their experienced programming specialists always keep one step ahead against cybercrimes and offers users with new technologies. One of the new features in their package allows user to fight against commonly designated hostage software.

Basically that malicious and exceedingly secured malware holds your PC hostage and encrypts certain files, making it completely inaccessible for the user. The ransomware then demands user for ransom money to the cyber goon in order to access those files.

Bitdefender Internet Security provides defensive shield against such ransomware. It proactively detects all sorts of ransomwares immediately and blocks them before they enter your PC. But if you wish to utilize this feature, you will have to upgrade to Bitdefender’s premium package.

The improved firewall is made from the scratch at the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP). It is essential to note that all the operations of WFP are controlled by the service Base Filtering Engine (BFE) which is needed to be installed for the functioning of Bitdefender Firewall.

Thus having BFE restored, you can experience the best functioning of Bitdefender Firewall which is easy to operate and also compatible with Windows 7 and 10.


Improved Parental Control

Today, internet is being utilized by children at a very young age which has made difficult for parents to supervise and know if they are going online securely or not! On that note, Bitdefender has expanded its parental supervision control, as well as simplified its usage. You can secretly use your phone to carefully monitor and, if necessary, curb your child’s activities online. Plus, you can also block inappropriate or minacious websites and prevent them from accessing.

Bitdefender Autopilot Mode

As malwares are becoming more complicated and more streamlined, antivirus software programs are enhancing their capabilities and functions. Client’s convenience has become priority than ever before. Bitdefender autopilot mode offers security service for those who just want optimal online security without being bothered by pop-ups and alert notifications.

This Autopilot function quietly manages and configure any setting for you whatsoever without bugging you in between your game or any sort of activity online. Thus, making you completely safe from online threats and critical internet issues and providing you with optimum security that you desire without being interrupted.


Evaluated Results

As we review security and antivirus software, we use evaluated results of independent labs functioning as AV-Comparatives and AV-Test included with our own in-house testing.

Bitdefender’s Total Security and Internet Security software provides the same antivirus shield that is incorporated with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. Malwares were consistently blocked by the Bitdefender software in both independent tests including the previously unknown malware now often regarded as zero-day virus was blocked when detected. Also, it worked perfectly fine in our own testing.

Bitdefender software is capable to automatically block off any vicious file until uncertain about absolute threat and then eliminated by the software from the system accordingly. In case if the file is found harmless, you can request Bitdefender to let-off it so you may put it to use.

Overall, Bitdefender does not make excessive lag on Microsoft Windows – we hardly had enough to notice while we looked through the web, accessed apps and sent email. But, it wasn’t declared while we watched videos online or played games. On comparing our results with third party lab findings, we have very similar experiences about Bitdefender.

Scanning and Detection

Bitdefender incorporates much more features than most other computer protection apps have. Besides refraining from malware and phishing attacks, it alarms users about risks on social media and scans detachable media to prevent malwares coming into systems through USB devices. In addition, it includes a gamer mode option, which is sometimes referred as “silent mode”. It postpones complete scans and pop-up notifications in order that they don’t really bother you when you play online games or watch videos.

Bitdefender’s cloud AntiSpam feature is designed to register and transmit data to the defense cloud which then prevents other consumers from falling prey to the same assault. Additionally, it blocks unwanted mails from known spammer domains and receive emails only from the legitimate web addresses.

Bitdefender Internet Security Antispam Filter

Bitdefender Internet Security keeps no back up of your computer information online. But, you may have your own bootable rescue CD that will enable you to manually boot up and save your system right after struck by a virus attack. However, there is absolutely no assurance whether all your files will be restored just as they were, before the virus attack. But if you upgraded to Bitdefender Total Security, you will be able to back up 2GB of info online, which is sufficient to save close to 300,000 average-size files.

Bitdefender Internet Security doesn’t provide protection to your mobile devices but if you upgrade to Bitdefender Total Security, you can have that particular feature too. It guarantees the same level of ultimate protection against virus attacks as you get in desktop version.


Privacy and Protection

Bitdefender’s firewall and Microsoft Windows security features works in conjunction which makes a double layer of security from malware threats. In addition, it keeps your personal information and data snooping safe from hackers.

The software allows parental control so you can keep off your children from an inappropriate online content that you do not wish them to watch. You can also get hands on to when they can browse the internet and track their online history, including their Facebook activity.

Bitdefender software offers 24/7 live chat and telephone support. In addition to that, you can also email support representatives for detailed issues. Also the company’s web site includes an informative knowledge base which might be sufficient for you to your common and simple queries.

Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN is good and backed by HotSpot VPN (don’t worry both companies have ZERO Log policy) for those looking to keep their online activities private it includes up to 200 MB per day. It provides an adequate level of security for users but it’s not enough for streaming.

This can be a problem if you’re trying to watch Netflix or other video services that require fast speeds and lots of bandwidth.

If you’re looking for a VPN that can provide the best possible online experience, we recommend looking elsewhere or buy their premium VPN.

Bitdefender Internet Security VPN

Final Words

Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security are the best online security packages. Bitdefender’s program has gained excellent scores from third-party labs along with our very personal security and privacy reviewers. In fact, they got above-average marks because of its performance.

Moreover, both of them offers AntiSpam feature to reduce email spam assaults and software’s  parental controls will assist you to keep your kids safe on the internet. Though Bitdefender Internet Security lacks in online data backup and mobile protection but you can get those too from Bitdefender Total Internet Security by spending just a few more bucks.