7 Best SubsMovies Alternatives to Watch Free Movies in 2022

Is your life lacking entertainment? Do you want to sit back, relax and watch your favorite tv shows, but you just can’t seem to find a good free streaming medium? Sit back, and relax. All of your problems can be solved by Subsmovies.

Caution: We never recommend you to stream free movie site without a VPN. It might be risky due to the violation of the copyright.


What is SubsMovies?

Subsmovies is an online free streaming website where you don’t need to worry about ads, issues with video players, or video and sound quality because Subsmovies streaming is among the best. It is among the few websites that allow the use of ad-block software, to get rid of pesky ads. With the quality of this website, it is hard to imagine why anyone would bother paying to watch movies! Say goodbye to Netflix, say hello to Subsmovies.

Alternatives to SubsMovies

  1. Putlocker
  2. 123Movies
  3. GOMovies
  4. Look Movie
  5. Tubi TV
  6. MoviesJoy
  7. Flixtor

SubsMovies Features

Subsmovies websites have some remarkable features that distinguish it from the other options among websites. Some of these prove Subsmovies online to be the best streaming website option you have; however, it is not perfect either.

  • Subtitles

Good subtitles are a necessity for every efficient streaming website because this is a category that defines the worldwide popularity of the website. Some people around the globe have a hard time understanding accents that are different from their own; hence, subtitles fix this issue.

Subsmovies definitely will not let you down on this aspect. Some websites do not have proper subtitle options. For example, on many other websites, the subtitles may be inaccurate or be filled with grammar mistakes. Sometimes, they are not even timed properly.

Subsmovies does not have any of these issues, which makes it stand out among other competitors. The subtitles are shown in proper grammar, at proper timing and in clear color and font so that they are easy to read while watching the video simultaneously. Unlike other websites, SubsMovies prides itself by offering subtitles in more than 40 languages, and not just English. This makes it a viable option for many users around the globe.

  • Advertisements

You may find yourself attacked by numerous ads on the Subsmovies website. This is because the website is free, so it does need ads to gain revenue for its services. Considering the benefits of using this website, the ads are a minor nuisance only.

However, if you do hate advertisements, you have the freedom to use an adblocker on Subsmovies. Unlike some other websites, it does not forbid you from doing so. Moreover, Subsmovies does not fill up your screen with endless pop-up ads. These cannot be blocked by using adblocker software, so most users are irritated by websites that have an overflow of pop-up ads.

On the other hand, Subsmovies keeps a proper, acceptable limit on those. Considering how the website is completely free to use, and with the number of features it has to offer, the advertisements feel like nothing.

Furthermore, on SubsMovies you do not have to worry about ads that appear in the middle of the video while streaming, which would normally interrupt your viewing experience otherwise. This means that with the use of an AdBlock, SubsMovies is very a very ad-lenient free streaming website.

  • Subsmovies Accessibility Issues

Although Subsmovies tv consists of numerous benefits to users, you may be burdened by inaccessibility issues in certain countries. However, you can rest assured that the Subsmovies streaming website covers accessibility for most of the countries in the world.

This means that encountering accessibility issues with this website is very rare. Nevertheless, I would still suggest using a website such as Accessify to make sure that you don’t find any problems midway during a movie.

Most of the time, SubsMovie servers are working at top performance, so you do not need to worry much about buffering either. You only have to worry about accessing it if you are in specific countries that the website does not support it.

  • Available Genres

You can be at ease with SubsMovies, whether you are a science fiction fan or an addict to the thrill offered by horror. SubsMovies offers its users access to almost every single genre, and every single movie or show, regardless of how old or new it is.

Its team works consistently to make sure that you do not have to wait for long to watch a newer series or movie, and it provides this on efficient servers and subtitles as well.

SubsMovies has a detailed search engine, with which you can search for movies and shows by selecting specific genres. This way, you can discover new movies to watch, that suit the type of genre that you are interested in. You don’t have to worry about shifting websites to watch a movie that is not unavailable on SubsMovies, because SubsMovies has it all.


Is Subsmovies safe?

Considering all the other pros and cons of this website, the one problem that may concern a user the most is the security offered by this website. However, Subsmovies offers a valid certificate for its connection with your browser. This means that all your data is encrypted and privately transferred between you and the website.

The only distinct issue is that SubsMovies is often required to switch websites due to frequent access bans. This means that your data will be transferred to numerous different web servers. Still, these different websites are not a prime concern, because all of them are always encrypted by the use of website certification. Hence, safety is not an issue on Subsmovies, unlike on some other websites.

SubsMovies Alternatives & Similar Sites

Are the servers not working on SubsMovies? You don’t want to be interrupted by buffering during the video stream, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of downloads movies using torrent? These problems can be fixed by using an alternative website to SubsMovies. Although SubsMovies is affected by only a few problems compared to other websites, you really can’t do anything if you are unable to access the website itself. There are 7 other websites, that are very similar to SubsMovies in the way that they are all free streaming websites, which can compete against SubsMovies. If you don’t find SubsMovies suitable, you can always use one of these instead.


1. Putlocker

Putlocker is among the most popular free HD streaming websites. Its servers offer one of the best services that ensure that you can easily stream movies, without having issues even with an average internet connection.

The only issue with Putlocker is that it is constantly attacked by copyright claims, which means that you might find the website being inaccessible sometimes. This website is safe and secure, so you can watch your favorite shows without having to worry about anything.


2. 123Movies

It would be very difficult to find a streaming website with faster servers than 123Movies. This website can make your life easier because it also offers an option to download movies.

123Movies is reliable as well as secure and it can make your watching experience much simpler by its free HD content offered at premium quality servers, with only a fair number of ads. It is hard to imagine that you will have any problems with this website.


3. GOMovies

GOMovies is a prominent substitute for SubsMovies. It also has a search engine that allows you to search based on the genre that you prefer, much similar to Subsmovies. But what makes it special is that its popularity attracts many copyright issues, which GOMovies has been tackling very efficiently.

The servers are almost always available at their best service and it even allows for comments under videos, which offer reasonable reviews to users looking to watch a show. GOMovies continues to provide the latest tv shows and movies as quickly and efficiently as possible.


4. Look Movie

This option is much less popular than the other options, and this makes Look Movie a very viable option for using it as your go-to website.

You won’t have to worry about the website being attacked by many copyright claims, which could normally result in the website servers being down. Furthermore, Look Movie offers the best search engine out of all other streaming websites.


What’s more is that you can create a search based completely on your preference of genre, the year that the movie or show was released, and even its IMDB rating can be considered by the search engine.

However, Look Movie does not allow the use of an ad blocker, which is the only bad aspect of it when compared to every other website. Nevertheless, it is still available to use if you need to watch any movie or tv show for free at high quality.


5. Tubi TV

From every old movie to new, whether it is popular or underrated, Tubi TV has it all. Furthermore, Tubi TV has very specific genre options, so if you’re looking for a children’s movie, a family movie, or if you just want to watch the most popular movie, Tubi TV can show you the way.

The website is entirely free to use and allows you to set up a user account as well. However, it forbids the use of AdBlock, which is understandable as the website requires these ads to generate revenue for it to operate.


The servers offer premium quality performance, as you can stream videos without needing to pause for buffering. The website is safe and secure to use; however, you may find it displeasing to watch an ad that you just can’t skip, and that occurs as a commercial break during a movie stream.


6. MoviesJoy

There are various free platforms to provide you with a movie streaming option. But not all of them contain each and every famous shoe there is. Imagine the frustration of logging into the website and finding out that the show that you want to watch is not available on the website?

MoviesJoy is one of the best alternatives to Subsmovies as it contains a huge directory of TV shows and movies available online for free. You don’t have to pay a penny to stream these shoes, MoviesJoy lets you have them for free.


MoviesJoy it was also voted as Reddit’s favorite alternative to Subsmovies.nz. Talking about its features and navigation, it is pretty easy. The website has the best filters there are and you can easily search for a show based on categories and genre. It has a huge list of available genres ranging from action, adventure, thriller and fantasy to drama, romance and mythological documentaries.

You can even filter the movies based on the release year. And did I mention? You can stream according to your video quality. If your internet quality is below average, you can adjust the settings of video quality to decrease pixels and stop your stream from buffering continuously. If you want to watch high quality HD videos, that is also available. The choices are limitless!


7. Flixtor

Flixtor is another streaming site that is very similar to the likes of Subsmovies. It provides easy access to over 2 million links available online, and you can even watch the show as soon as it goes live on the original channel. To top that, it also comes with the best filters available that can bring out your favorite show even if it is hidden beneath the 2 million other links.



I have provided the 7 best Subsmovies alternatives in case the site is down or you just want to shake things up by trying something new. All of these sites are personally tested by me before reviewing them here.

However, if I had to select a favorite, I’ll choose 123movies any time. Not only the website is incredibly fast and quick to load, but the interface is also very easy to use. It doesn’t have a lot of silly ads popping up now and then, which is another plus point of this amazing streaming site.

Hope you liked reading my review. Let me know if you’d like me to review something special and I’d do it for you all. Happy streaming!