5 Best Sports Fragrances for Men

Best Sports Fragrances for Men

Sports and athletic activities have inspired a wide variety of perfumes, enthused by athletes and their almost godlike physical prowess.  Sports fragrances provide a fresh and stimulating option, ideal for wear after a hard workout at the gym or for a night out of town.  In this case, you can pick the perfume that fits your active lifestyle.

1. Intimately by Beckham

Intimately is from the powerhouse of David Beckham, known for his dominance on the soccer field.  The perfume is inspired by the natural, classic style that is long-lasting.

The notes of the perfume have accords of lotus breeze, bergamot, and rose petals, followed by a heart of lily from Casablanca, and neroli.  The fragrance finishes off with a base of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.  The perfume may be created by a sports powerhouse, but the fragrance is elegant and ideal for special occasions and great for use every day. Beckham knows how to keep the team united, and the fragrance is consistently elegant, without being too flashy.

2. Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette

Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir for men is a refreshingly spicy and fresh scent for men and also available for women.  The sporty personality of the cologne is one to experience for you.  The top notes of this fragrance are spicy nutmeg and cardamom, leading to a heart of musk.  The base notes are vetiver, ebony and cedar wood. 

3. Dolce and Gabbana The One Sport

The One Sport is a reliable favorite for men.  The perfume is inspired by the strength of an athlete, which is both enduring and long lasting. The fragrance has profiles of aquatic and rosemary, with a middle of sequoia wood, cardamom and a base of patchouli.  The perfume is ideal for summer, especially after a long workout at the gym.  The crisp fresh scent is the perfect summer sporty scent. 

4. Chrome Sport by Azzaro

Chrome Sport is a sporty aromatic perfume for dynamic men, which is also perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.  The fragrance is refreshing with strong notes of Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Clary Sage, and Fougère Aromatic Citrus.  Grapefruit encapsulates an explosive freshness, Clary Sage adds aromatic notes, & Tonka Bean brings warm vibrations.  The sporty cologne of the natural classic style, with a base of Fougère Aromatic Citrus, is sure to be ideal for any time use.

5. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Polo Sport is a classic perfume that was first introduced in 1993, inspired by the love of outdoor sports.  The fragrance is fresh cologne for men, with a crisp freshness that is purely masculine.

The notes of the fragrance include aldehydes Artemisia, lavender, mandarin orange, mint, and neroli, with bergamot, lemon and cyclamen, ginger, seagrass, and jasmine.  The dry down of the cologne contains musk, sandalwood, and amber.  This sporty cologne is also great for everyday use, with an illustrious and rich history of a classic sporty fragrance that won’t let you down.


5 Things you should consider before buying a Perfume

Perfumes are luxuries, yet must have for almost every person.  They offer soothing luxury combined with blissful notes, all which speak volumes about the user’s choice without speaking a word.  These are only but a few reasons why you should consider these reasons before buying perfume.

1. Know your preferences

Are you on the lookout for a new summer fragrance? Are you looking to change up your signature scent or trying to find something ideal for work, or just a perfume with the perfect day to evening transition? Either way, it’s extremely important to consider your lifestyle also, are you a working professional, a student, or just someone who likes to go scent shopping?

It’s important when purchasing a perfume to consider not only your life but also personal habits and personality, as they are sure to be reflective of the kind of perfume you end up buying.

2. Keep those pesky testing strips-even after testing

While on the lookout for which perfume to buy, remember that testing strips are ideal for sniffing and then deciding, as the wait allows for the base notes to show up.  But remember when testing out a bunch of different fragrances to keep the tester strips handy as the base notes as you may get confused after smelling a lot of them. Also, they will help re-visit the scent long after you may have made different sniff tests.

However, it is also recommended to always test out the fragrance after trying it out onto your skin, ideally on a pulse point.

This way it reacts with the skin’s Ph level and lets you know whether or not an ideal match. If it still smells good in the after effect, then buy it. 

3. The scent of a woman might not be “your” scent

The ideal perfume for one might not be the same for another.  Also, the same fragrance spritzed on one person might smell different from another.  This means that the combination of accords or notes mixed with the body’s oil, and combined with its existing Ph level, might result in a subtle yet noticeable change.

So it’s best to get samples and also avoid using any other scented lotions or body wash when out perfume shopping.

4. Brands are a good indicator of success

Also, niche perfumes are in and so worth the price tag!  Brands have come a long way in offering value for the fragrance.

For example, there was once upon a time in the 90s when owning a Tommy Hilfiger perfume was the coolest thing ever. Also, niche perfumes are also another choice that has diversified and come a long way since the 90s, so give those a try.  They’re famous for offering unisex choices, with the added bonus of buying something distinctive and unique.

5. Be on the lookout

Look for deals or packages/gift sets that you don’t need as perfumes are often combined with other accessories that you might not even need. Buy the fragrance size ideal for you and there’s really no need to purchase the deodorant spray if you already have one.  However, they do make a unique gift set ideal for any occasion.

These were our favorite sports perfumes, with David Beckham’s Intimately taking the top spot, if not for sheer sportsmanlike qualities of its namesake!