11 Best Rabbit Alternative Sites to Watch with Friends

Rabb.it Alternatives

Watching videos and movies with friends is the most favorite hobby of most of the people.

I also love to stream videos and other content to watch that with my friends. Mostly at the weekend, it becomes more fascinating. At a time Rabbit was my only choice to do all this.

As Rabbit was one of the famous websites which lets the users interact, stream, and watch different things with their surrounding people in real time, it was the reason several people like it the most.

But now, in recent times I got to know that Rabbit will be no more… yes shocking it is!

Kast Adopts the Rabbit

Rabbit ceased all its operations because of insufficient funding. Due to this thousands of its users are worrying as they cannot do streaming on Rabb.it anymore. Rabbit has sold all its assets to a company called Kast, which is another streaming service and it was rival to Rabbit too.

So until Kast becomes the same as the Rabbit you can choose to use Rabbit alternatives.

Personally, I was very glad when get to know about these alternatives to Rabbit. Most of these websites have many similar features like Rabbit.

Here I have listed with description all the best Rabbit alternatives you can try and begin to do your streaming friends or family again.

Rabbit Alternatives You Should Use:


1. Twoseven

TwoSeven XYZ

I found Twoseven quite similar to Rabbit. Yes, it is!

Twoseven gives you real time video sharing ability, here you can watch, share, and stream videos with your friends and family members. It also lets you interact with your fellows with the use of its chat features.

It is a website like Rabbit bit as Rabbit was a full fledge app acquiring support for the live audio commentary, Twoseven is not capable of this.

Twoseven main focus is on facilitating users with live interaction with the use of webcam, it has a maximum support for the services of video streaming, and it gives you real time drill without any chance of latency.

It could be a good alternative to Rabbit.

2. Metastream


I added Metastream as one of the Rabbit streaming alternatives because of its superior live synchronization playback.

Metastream has used its exclusive technology to facilitate users with an increased level of live streaming to several people with approximately no level of latency. Apart from this, Metastream looks quite great with its on-screen chat, rapid user management, and the feature of video queuing.

Moreover, it is liable to support all the core streaming websites and applications like YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, etc. However, it does not have exactly similar features same as rabbit, like webcam and audio support, or downloading streaming media, but still, you can rely on it besides that.

It is another good choice as an alternative to rabbit streaming.


3. Watch2gether


Watch2gether is a yet famous website as a good rabbit alternative. It lets you watch videos, listen music, and do shop on Amazon. Its live sync playback is quite efficient, it will not hurdle you while streaming your favorite movies and shows.

But the thing I observe while using this was that Watch2gether doesn’t work the same as Rabbit like an online virtual machine. In this regard, you have to assure that stream that video content who acquires the highest speed on uploading. It will give you a much better live watching experience.

The things which will make your experience exclusive are its chat with GIF support. Watch2gether is quite a great platform for streaming video content in place of Rabbit.

4. SyncLounge

Sync Lounge

After my experience, I concluded that the users of Plex will found SyncLounge a great solution that allows you to play the synchronized media without any flaw.

It is not entirely similar to Rabb.it, but if you are in search of a dedicated co-watching application for Plex, so it is something great and it excels at it.

It lets you connect the library of your Plex with Synclounge and create your private room with your fellows. As alike to Rabbit it lets you chat with other members that make your video watching experience quite interactive and social.

It will great to choose if you want to watch your Plex content with your friends.


5. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is one of the best alternatives to rabb.it which is a great co-watching platform. But it is only dedicated to streaming the content of Netflix, the thing I like the most about it!

It facilitates you in a manner to watch the content of Netflix together with your friends or family in synchronized video playback. You can also interact with your friends while watching video content with an option called group chat in it.

Moreover, its chat features is supported to make your experience great with fun emoticons, typing indicators, and GIFs.

I am glad to mention that it only runs on web browsers so you will not need to install any heavy software on your device.

It is an excellent option for those who urge to watch Netflix with their loved ones.

6. Airtime


Airtime is another alternative to the Rabbit which comes under those alternatives to the Rabbit which are seamless on smartphones and give you a much better experience. Airtime facilitates you with watching YouTube videos with each other; listen to music, sending sound reactions, chatting on group along with animated stickers, GIFs, and much more.

This of its unlimited features forces me to add Airtime to this list.

Another best part about it is that it gives support to audio commentary and media playback simultaneously which was the most likely feature of Rabbit.

Apart from all this, it also makes you able to share photos, short video clips, and texting while watching videos.

In short, it is a must mention that Airtime is great app for streaming content and collaborating with others.


7. Syncplay


I am mentioning Syncplay in this because of its uniqueness.

It is said to be unique because it lets you play your downloaded content with your friends and family members on your computer device. All major operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported.

Syncplay also lets you play any of the offline media with the use of VLC, MPV, or Media Player Classic. It will also broadcast your playback in a private room. Furthermore, you can share that private room with your friends and family, and watch that content collaboratively.

Syncplay is one of those sites similar to Rabbit but it does not have all the same features as Rabbit has.

8. MyCircle.tv

MyCircle tv

MyCircle.tv comes in the list of rabbit alternatives reddit. I experienced that it lets the user watch videos with each other without any obstacle. It is also integrated with several video streaming platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion within its portal.

MyCircle.tv also lets you share URLs from other websites to watch those videos with each other in real time. It also has the feature of chat which greatly supports emoticons, which makes the experience greater.

However, bear in mind that it will not give you the support to webcam or audio. But still it gives you perfect video streaming services.

9. ShareTube


ShareTube serves simplicity in a way that allows you to watch YouTube videos in a complete direct manner with anyone. You will be needed to create a room and share certain YouTube video links to play that content and get sync with other members of the room.

I recommend you to use ShareTube if you are willing to watch simple YouTube videos with your friends.

10. Rave


Rave is another great rabb.it an alternative particularly ideal for smartphones. I experienced that it works quite great!

It is equipped with all the basic features like watching Netflix with someone along with interaction at the same time. Likely to Rabbit, it also lets you watch content from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Drive, and much more. Its sync playback capability is quite smooth and works without hindering the user.

The best thing I observe in Rave was playing music and syncing it with other smartphones which result in quite potential speakers.

I can surely add this as a good alternative for Rabbit streaming service and facilitates the user in much likewise manner.


11. Parsec


Actually, Parsec is a platform for streaming games. But it is liable to stream video contents too. For watching collaboratively you have to invite your friends to your video stream and they can enjoy that certain content in no time without any of the latency issues.

Other members watching content with you cannot control the playback because it is not for streaming video content. But it gives a facility of superior synced playback that this was the core feature of Rabbit.


As the rabbit is closed, its users are facing many difficulties because of this. So I got your back and give you this ultimate list of rabbit alternatives. By using these you can watch videos along with commuting with your friends and get more amuse while discussing that.

Video streaming is the hobby and habit for most of people so this list will definitely facilitate them in getting their suitable video streaming platform.