Best Gaming Earbuds 2022 – Razer, Philips and More

May it be listening to songs, watching movies, or playing games, you need earbuds all the time. Isn’t it? Whether you are traveling or driving, earbuds serve a purpose in your life, while without them; things would be difficult. The quality of earbuds matters a lot, or else in a week, you will have to replace them again. We have gathered a list of the best earbuds available in the market. The list comprises especially the best gaming earbuds.

The earbuds that come with your smartphone serve a different purpose than having a gaming earbud; you might be thinking that they serve the same purpose, but that’s a myth, my friend! Ask a gamer, and you would be amazed to know that only the best gaming earbuds give you a real-time experience.

In most of the cases, you buy the best cheap earbuds with the average build, but they won’t compete with the best gaming earbud. If you are a gamer then only the best earbud for gaming with soundproof, good audio quality, sleek, stylish, and with high volume resistance would settle your gaming crave. Gaming earbuds are compact in size with zero interference for the best experience of your game.

Many fail to get the right earbuds and get conned by con artists who give lousy quality Chinese makes. Don’t worry! We won’t let you do the same mistake; we have searched enough to present you with the best gaming earbuds to bring that 3D effect to your gaming.


Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 (Standard)

This is a good earpiece and is truly worth every penny you spend. The design is exquisite with engaging green cords and a polished black bud making it stand out from other earbuds, and giving a futuristic feel. The Razer is designed for smartphones as well, which means you can control your calls and sound as well while driving or on the go. Do remember it is not the best wireless earbud available in the market.

The flat style cables are designed in a way that the earbuds last a long time enhancing your sound quality and preventing tangling as well making it much easier to carry the earbud. Carefully check the earbud; the bud tips have a specific “pyramid” design which technically enhances and isolates outside noise making the eardrum soundproof. Surprisingly, the earpiece is made of pure aluminum, that’s rare with other headphones.

Razer Hammerhead Pro v2 Earbuds

Philips SHE3590BK/28

Gaming wouldn’t be complete without Panasonic’s SHE3590BK/28 grand earbud. What’s new? This is an upgraded version of its predecessor and Panasonic has a history of making cheap earbuds look alike as if it’s twice their price. The design is simple yet worthwhile, doesn’t hurt the ear, and fits in perfectly without much hassle. They come in 7 different shades which makes them perfect for the pocket.

Talking about comfort; the design is light which keeps the eardrum safe due to its stem at the pin. One could forget that he is actually wearing a headphone. It’s that light! These products go as low as 8dB which caters to some exceptional sound quality when it comes to handling treble and bass at its highest.

Philips SHE2100WT


Roccat Syva

With a low budget, this earbud could change your gaming experience, taking gaming to a different level where you would hear and experience 3D sounds. Gamers nowadays are price-conscious and suggest higher the price, the higher the sound quality. But don’t let this price tag fool you. This product is all about rarity and diversity bringing you sounds that are found on high-end “Bose” speakers only.

The color palette is bright as black, and the blue combination gives these headphones a trendy look, stylish while tangle resistant; play with it, snatch it, pull it, or juggle it. It won’t tangle and can easily be carried in your pocket. The size and design is quite compact but pack a bigger punch of bass and treble. Also, it comes with a microphone for gamers who communicate with their online gaming buddies. Keeping a close check on your enemies.

If that doesn’t suffice your communication endeavors; check out the best gaming microphones as well. Attach these, and you will experience better coms than any other device.

ROCCAT SYVA Gaming Headset

1More E1001

Do you realize gaming is a dangerous regime nowadays? Gamers are getting on and off due to simple codes being transferred and whispered over the user profiles. Get it and then look at this premium earbud; the 1MORE E1001. Seems as if getting a pricy and good quality earbud for less than $100 is a crime. Guilty as charged. But the E1001 is a THX-certified headphone that consists of a dynamic driver that balances both earbuds under extreme pressure.

Made with metal and an ergonomically optimized ear tip, the noise cancellation is off the charts. Also, it includes a Kevlar-reinforced cable which has controls to it. However, the rest of the built is pure rubber and plastic making it sturdy. With rich bass and a sporty design, this bad boy is pricey compared to other earbuds but worth evolving your gaming experience as if you are standing right in the middle of a war zone.

1MORE E1001


Marshall Mode EQ

Stop being cheap and look at the Marshall Mode EQ! This is a top-of-the-line gaming earbud that is built on pure quality and precision. It has a quality pair with two sound profiles. One strictly for bass (EQ I) and a light-toned mid and high sound (EQII). In both categories, the sound is distortion free. It’s well-constructed earpiece and angled with precision to provide comfort in eardrums during extensive gaming. For a gamer, the game doesn’t end until he says so! Imagine gaming for hours which requires something which doesn’t damage your hearing and ears.

The cable attached to it is tangle resistant including a 3.5-millimeter jack. Stretch it or tie it like a rope. The wire won’t harm or distort the sound quality as its fibers are stretch resistant. It has a prominent button on it that can be used to answer calls, play, stop, pause, forward, and rewind tracks. The design is carefully planned to enhance and bring out the best flow of sound while gaming.

Marshall Mode EQ


If you are a gamer and want to live the games rather than just play, don’t skip out on the complementary tools. Gaming is a lively and happening experience that depends on visuals and sound. Take out an aspect and your million dollars game would look like a child play. Get the best gaming earbuds to feel the adrenaline rush and live while gaming.