A Buying Guide for Best Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desks

A dedicated gaming desk should have attributes like durability, space, adjustability, and a proper cable management system so that it could hold all the gaming equipment in one place.

There are many brands offering a nice-looking gaming desk, and that’s why finding the best option becomes a no-brainer, especially when everyone claims to be the best. For our readers, we have researched and listed down some of the best options. Today, we are reviewing one of them.

So, wear your seat belts and read through this detailed Arozzi Gaming Desk review; by the end of this review, you’ll be sure whether you should go with Arozzi or should look elsewhere.

Let’s start with the Pros and Cons of Arozzi Gaming Desks:



  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Water-resistant
  • Washable Mouse Pad Surface
  • Built-in Covered Cable Management System


  • The adjustable height can be a hassle at times

The Brand – Arozzi

Arozzi is a Swedish company well-known for manufacturing the best gaming hardware accessories. Their product list includes Arozzi gaming chairs and desks, along with microphones, eye-wears, a racing simulator, a floor mat, and much more.

Arozzi features three types of desks. Each has its unique features and usability. The three products are as follows:

  • Arozzi Arena
  • Arozzi Arena Leggero
  • Arozzi Arena Leggero – Star Trek Edition

Let’s review each gaming desk separately.


Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is designed to boost up the gaming experience with the perfect melding of materials alongside secure cable management holes and a microfiber mouse pad that takes gamers’ equipment setup to the next level. The table can be adjusted for height as per the requirement. Its curvy inner edge and overall shape with an attractive look are fully satisfying.

Price of Arozzi Arena Desk

The desk cost you $299.99 at the time of review, exclusive of any taxes applicable on shipping or VAT.

Specification of the Arozzi Arena Desk

Product Dimensions‎32″D x 63″W x 29″H
Top Material Type‎Metal
Finish Type‎Rubberized
Special Feature‎Adjustable
Mounting Type‎Freestanding, found in image
Age Range (Description)‎Adult
Item Weight‎85.5 Pounds
Size‎32″D x 63″W x 29″H
Included Components‎Assembly Guide, Assembly Tools, Full-surface Desk Mat, Arena Desk
Assembly Required‎Yes
Item Weight‎85.5 pounds
Assembled Height‎100 centimeters
Assembled Width‎75 centimeters
Assembled Length‎75 centimeters

Measurements of Arozzi Arena Desk

The package that you will receive is in two boxes.

The desk has large dimensions of 32″D x 63″W x 29″H, sufficient enough for a 50” inch TV or three small monitors to adjust along with a mouse and a full-sized keyboard. As mentioned earlier, the desk can be adjusted for the height up to 10 cm with two nut bolts close to the bottom feet.

The legs of the desk are made up of durable steel and weigh around 8 KG each. Both legs have non-slip rubber feet with a curved base to protect your floor protected and keep any incident at a far distance if you happen to bump into it.

Guide to Assemble Arozzi Arena Desk

Setting up the desk from scratch is a tricky job. We suggest you get an additional pair of hands to help you assemble the desk. After unwrapping the package, read the instructions carefully, and follow the illustrations on the Arozzi gaming desk setup. To help users assemble the desk in less time. Arozzi has prepared video tutorials. Here’s one for your reference.

Availability of Arozzi Arena Desk on Amazon

Arozzi Arena desk is available on Amazon for $299.99 in all six colors. You can check the details of Arena Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Feature List of Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

  • The entire surface is covered with a washable mouse pad
  • Water-resistant top
  • Enormous area of 160x82cm/ 5’3”x2’8.25”
  • 3 cutouts for connecting three monitors
  • Covered cable management
  • Strong 8 KG steel legs for sturdy performance.

Arozzi Arena Leggero Gaming Desk Review

If your room doesn’t have enough space to adjust the Arozzi Arena desk, then Arozzi Arena Leggero is the one best for you. It is a smaller version of the Arena gaming desk with almost the same features and characteristics. It is best suited for small rooms and dorms.

Price of Arena Leggero Desk

Since it is a smaller version of the Arena desk, it comes at a lesser price. The cost of the Arena Leggero desk is $199.99

Specification of the Arozzi Arena Leggero Desk

Desk designComputer Desk
Product Dimensions44.9″D x 28.5″W x 28.4″H
Top Material TypeEngineered Wood
Finish TypeRubberized
Special FeatureDeskpad is water-resistant and machine washable
Item Weight50 Pounds
Included ComponentsDesk and full-size mousepad
Assembly RequiredYes
Item Weight50 pounds

Measurements of Arozzi Arena Leggero Desk

The Arozzi Arena Leggero desk comprises the same material but with a different shape from the Arozzi Arena desk. The difference between the two is the width of the surface. Instead of 63”, the Leggero desk comes in 49” with a monitor arm mount to the back of the desk to save you more space. Arozzi Leggero desk comes with 44.9″D x 28.5″W x 28.4″H dimensions. It has the same height adjustability as the Arozzi Arena desk with the same two nut bolts at the bottom of the feet.

The cable management is similar. It is also manufactured with 3 MDF fiberboards.

The Leggero desk doesn’t have much customization in colors so you will have only three options to choose from.

Setup Guide to Assemble Arozzi Arena Leggero Desk

No matter where you order the desk, you will receive one huge package with all the essential parts to assemble the desk.

Here’s a video tutorial to assemble the Arozzi Arena Leggero gaming desk in no time.

Availability of Arozzi Arena Leggero Desk on Amazon

On Amazon, the new Arozzi Arena Leggero desk cost around $199.99 at the time of our review. You can also opt for the option to buy a used desk.

Here you can check the details of the Arozzi Leggero gaming desk on Amazon.

Feature List of Arozzi Arena Leggero Gaming Desk

  • Full mouse pad surface
  • Water-resistant and washable material
  • 114 x 72 cm dimensions
  • Enough to connect 2 small monitors
  • Hold up to 147 Lbs weight

Main Features of Arozzi Desks Explained

Why are Arozzi desks rated as one of the best gaming desks by industry giants? Why have these desks become the number-one choice for gamers around the globe? Based on the quality of manufacturing material, adjustability, and shape of these desks, Arozzi has earned a name in the industry. Let’s have a look at some main features of these desks.

Full- Surfaced Mouse Pad Topper

Each table manufactured by Arozzi company has one feature in common, and that is a full-surfaced mouse pad topper. The entire top of the desk is covered with an interchangeable and machine-washable mouse pad.

Huge Full-Surface Mousepad

The mouse pad is specially designed to custom-fit the curved surface of the desk. It is placed with an anti-slip rubber bottom to keep the pad intact with the surface.

Water Resistant and Washable Cover

Gamers tend to do everything while playing games online. Cleaning up the gaming desk is a bit of a hassle. Considering this point, Arozzi has designed a water-resistant mouse pad that is easy to clean. If you want more cleaning, you can remove the mouse pad top and throw it in your washer machine at a low temperature and then air dry it later.

3 Cut-out Cable Management

The surface of the desks is made up of 3 layers of MDF with three cut-outs connected with a mesh basket under the desk for cable management. These cables are wrapped with a thin fiber sheet and passed through the fiberboards. In this way, it is secure from any mishap as well as looks sorted and attractive.

Cable Management

Connect 3 Monitors for Better Performance

Arozzi Arena is quite spacious and has space to adjust a 50” TV or three monitors at the same desk. The three cut-outs are not only for cable management but also for connecting the three monitors on top of the desk.

Adjust the Height as per your Desire

All three desks manufactured by Arozzi have one same feature, and that is the height adjustment. Each desk is around 10 cm in height that can be adjusted for any height with two nut-bolts attached at the bottom of the desk. Each leg of the table is 8KG in weight to give proper support to the desk.

The design of each desk is meant to adjust as per your requirement and to do the job, there are four knobs attached below the legs of the desks to prevent it from wobbling.

So far, we have reviewed the features of the desk. But there are many other aspects to look at like the after-sales customer support, warranty and shipment process. Let’s have a look at these aspects one-by-one.

Warranty offered by Arozzi Company

Arozzi company offers two years of warranty for all its products purchased from the manufacturer itself or any of its resellers. The warranty applies in the following scenarios:

  • The warranty applies to any damage caused due to any defects in material or workmanship under normal use.
  • In case of any defect due to material and workmanship, the company will replace or repair the product free of cost within two years of the purchase date.
  • The replacement product or repaired part will assume to have the remaining warranty of the original product.
  • The warranty does not cover any damage caused by malfunctions or improper usage by the user.

How to claim the Warranty?

A user can claim the warranty by contacting the company by filling the ‘Contact Form’ on their website with a detailed description of the problem and the required information. The company will search out for the possible solution for the user and contact them back ASAP.

In the case of product replacement, the damaged or faulty product will be shipped back to the company before receiving the replacement.

In case of repair, the company will direct the user to the nearest reseller or customer center. There are certain conditions applied for products sold out everywhere outside Europe.

After Sale Support

Arozzi seems eager to retain their customers for a more extended period and to our great pleasure, they have a very efficient customer care department. A user can contact the company using the contact form available on the website. The following information should be provided by the user in case of any product related query.

  1. Copy of the invoice/receipt
  2. Photo of the problem(s)
  3. Shipping address
  4. Telephone number

The website is accessible in many languages, but keep that in mind that all support related queries will be answered in English only.

Delivery and Tracking

To deliver the products Arozzi company uses UPS courier services, however the company does not ship in Cyprus, Malta, and Sweden with UPS courier. In these regions, the company uses Bring Shipping Company to deliver the orders.

Delivery time varies based on regions of shipment. The expected delivery time takes 2 to 6 working days. To check the complete list of regions and expected delivery time, CLICK HERE!

Bottom Line

What will you look into the best gaming desk? Durability, Quality, Adaptability, Shape, and Structure, right? Well, Arozzi did it the best by providing all these features in its gaming desks. These desks are not too big and not too small. They are just right in size, weight, and looks. The best feature of Arozzi company is connecting multiple monitors which aren’t available in every gaming desk.

Being the best in the industry, we have not seen the water-resistant and machine-washable feature in many gaming desks.

Based on our analysis and research of many gaming desks in the market, we are very sure to say that desk as big as Arozzi gaming desks with such incredible features are hard to find.