Avast Cleanup Premium Review – Too Good or Overpriced?

Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Overall, it is good software. During its test, it shows quite positive influencing results.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review
Avast Cleanup Premium
Easy to use and clean Interface
Can Clean up to 70GB of junk data
Automatic Maintenance to free up space
Avast Cleanup Premium

Are you wondering why your computer is becoming slow with time? Well, the main reason for this issue is the junk or unused data collected in your networks. With time, this junk exceeds a specific limit and results in affecting your computer’s processing speed.

But you don’t need to worry because, to avoid this issue, all you need to do is to clean up your computers at regular intervals. One application that can do this job for you is Avast Cleanup.

The Avast Cleanup can remove more than 70GB data off your computer. You don’t usually know how many passwords, caches, and hidden documents are consuming your PCs space.

Avast Cleanup Test Results in its Own Test Lab

In case you want an even more efficient cleaner, then I would recommend the Avast Cleanup Premium for you. It does an admirable job of clearing your hard drive from all the unwanted data, but it is overpriced ($49.99 per year) for just 1 PC, and this price goes up ($59.99 per year) if you want to buy it for multiple (3) PC at Avast website.

But you can get it on Amazon in just $49.99 for 2 years and upto 5 Devices can be cleaned up.

Want to know further about this app, you can read all about Avast Cleanup Premium in this in-depth review.


What does Avast Cleanup do?

As its name suggests, its main function is to clean your computer device and make its system efficient.

Avast Cleanup Premium is a system for tuning-up.

Simply, it will make your PC speedy, free the space of disk, and it is able to fix all your small computer issues.

This application tends to remove the junk files, unimportant application, and such other things.

It is much potential to keep your personal computer in check and reminds you to keep it clean and speedy.


Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup offers some really cool features to clean up your PC and optimize its speed. See below;

Maintenance Scan

When using Avast Cleanup Premium, the Maintenance Scan feature acts as a shield that works in a detailed manner to scan up the problems that occur in your system which are pertinent to the following;

  • System Junk
  • Cookies Tracking
  • Download and Browsing History
Avast Cleanup After Scanning Results
Avast Cleanup After Scanning Results

To have the maintenance scan launched, what you need to do is to double click on the Avast Cleanup Premium software which you have downloaded on your system and then go to the Maintenance option to proceed further for scanning of items that you wish to have resolved by having them cleaned up. Once done, click on the Fix and Clean option to complete the process.


Speed Up Scan

If you are facing issues regarding speed or overall performance of your system, then you may choose the Speed Up Scan option on your Avast Cleanup Premium to have the problem rectified. The purpose of speed up scan is such that it helps to deal in the following areas;

  • Maintenance
  • Irrelevant programs
  • Startup and background programs

To have the speed up scan processed, double click on the software and choose the speed up option. This will lead to the scanning of items where you may choose the things that need to be resolved to have them rectified.

Avast Cleanup Premium Speed up PC Suggestions

Free Up Space Scan

Most of us are having the problem of junk files and less storage on our devices. This feature by Avast Cleanup Premium scans your device and make it free by deleting junk files like files of

  • Recycle bin
  • Program setup files
  • Temp files
  • Windows files

It will scan your device thoroughly and make it pure. It is a quite simple and easy way to free the space and make the speed of your computer more potential.

Moreover, this is something best to mention that you will not have to invest a single penny for Avast cleanup premium for doing this. The free version of cleaner doe this is a much better way.

Avast Cleanup Premium System Junk Suggestion to Free up Space


Fix Problem Scan

Oftentimes, we get fussed to the errors regarding disk, uncommon windows settings, or driver’s issues. This scan by Avast cleanup premium is particularly dealing with all these sorts of issues. These issues mostly affect your computer, which is not good. It deals with the issues like;

  • Disk errors
  • The unusual setting of windows
  • Device issues
  • Driver problems

Actually, I think that this scan is quite profitable. These types of issues like the error in hard disk or driver issue may not let your computer work evenly.

However, you can still asses all the things by yourself. Avast Cleanup Premium download provides you good interface to evaluate and fix the issues you find.

Avast Cleanup Premium Suggestion to Fix Problems


Rescue Center

Sometimes we get into the trouble of disabling or deleting something important. The rescue center by Avast cleanup premium lets you undo some of the essential programs like;

  • Fixation of any broken registry items
  • Fixation of broken shortcuts
  • Startup program disabling
  • Making background programs sleep
  • Uninstalling unessential programs
  • Fixation of scan changes problems

This feature by Avast could be very useful if you get to know about the things creating mess like disabling startup program or making the background programs sleep.

Although, you will be unable to get any of the accidentally deleted files you deleted for maintaining the speed up the scan.

Rescue center has all the backup copies of your files all around you have.

Avast Cleanup Scanning Rescue Center
Avast Cleanup Scanning Rescue Center

Notification and Automatic Maintenance

Downloading Avast Cleanup Premium to your computer will let you get access to desktop notification for the things like:

  • New broken shortcut or registry item
  • Reminding you to scan your computer for maintenance
  • Removal of unnecessary programs
  • Low space on disk
  • Fixation of PC issues

This of the feature is my favorite because you can simply choose the thing for which you want notification. Even though, it is not much customizable. Still, you can get reminded of several things you mostly forget to do.

Avast Cleanup Premium Notifications
Avast Cleanup Premium Notifications


Avast Cleanup Premium Automatic Mantainance
Avast Cleanup Premium Automatic Mantainance

Clean up Report

This Avast Cleanup Premium provides you a final cleanup report which shows how many times you cleaned your device and how much space you got after cleaning. It is quite useful that in the end, you will clearly know how much space you have and what are the items you cleaned.

Avast Cleanup Customer Support

The customer support by Avast is quite great. If your Avast Cleanup Premium not working then you can open their support page and find the relevant answer for it. There is also an option given to get in touch with them. On their support page, they have mentioned the answer of almost all the questions. They have maintained a good interface to solve the queries of their customers.

They have provided their users with a proper support webpage. That page includes tutorials, FAQs, information about purchasing and subscription, knowledge base, and solutions for technical problems. They have done their best to support their customers.

User Interface

The user interface of Avast Cleanup Premium is quite easy to understand and simple to navigate. This program gives a look of well-organized and modern software programs. All its provided features are rapidly and easily accessible.

I found its interface informative too.

Yes, the users can check the statistics and reports of their cleaning and storage both.

Its main window comprises of the status of your computer’s health and 4 extra features which are Speed up, Free up space, Maintenance, and Fix problems.

Isn’t it simple and easy? Most probably yes!


Avast Cleanup Test Results

  • Scanning Results

After the installation, I performed a full system scan. Its first impression was quite great. This software did not show any influence on the performance of the system.

Although, I was unable to apart the scanning pattern to scan just a specific section of my computer. The notable point is that all the scans get done much rapidly. The full scan just took three minutes of the total time.

Avast Cleanup After Scanning Results
Avast Cleanup After Scanning Results
  • Repairs

Probably you would be having an idea that the device becomes really slow because of bloatware and junk files equipped in the trial versions of apps, already installed software, unwanted toolbars, and such other files that can create performing problems and take the space.

Avast free trial does not have any features of repair, so the user is liable to delete the problem manually. You can anytime cancel the Avast cleanup premium trial.

Moreover, Avast provides a quarantine function for the people who seems to be scared to uninstall any of the programs. If you have an instinct that you have deleted several things, then Avast gives you an option for Undo. By this, you can get your deleted items.

Overall, it is good software. During its test, it shows quite positive influencing results. You can find reviews by searching the term Avast cleanup premium reviews on Reddit, or any other place you want.


Does Avast Cleanup Really Work?

Yes, it works! It shows great statistical report on its main page about the overall results you can obtain with this product.

It seems worthy to me because it keeps an eye on your computer without stressing you. It boosts up the PC in quite a great way. After installing this you will not have to bother about anything going to happen to your computer. It will take care of it effectively.

For checking its working, you should initially use it on its free trial after that you can cancel the Avast cleanup premium trail and get this software to preserve your computer.

You may wonder how to cancel the Avast cleanup premium trail, so it’s not an issue. You can easily find several ways posted on the internet.

How Safe is Avast Cleanup?

Yes, Avast cleanup is completely safe as it will not include any virus on your computer. All its scans are danger free. In addition, its rescue center lets you undo the changes you do not want to perform.

Due to all this, it is safe to use and install on your computer. It will take much care of your device and will keep you updated about it.

Final Words

To conclude, I will mention that overall Avast Cleanup Premium is much use software you will get. But bear in mind that it is costly too. It gives you excellent UI, it is easy to navigate, and great for cleaning your computer device.

All its features will be worthy to use. Using its free trial make everything clearer about it. You should take its free trial to asses before investing.