8 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives in 2022

8 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Personally, I just love to watch anime, might be possible you also love it.

If you really love to watch anime then you have an idea about a website named GoGoAnime.

But what is GoGoAnime?

GoGoAnime is a great rostrum for the streaming of online anime. Even it is the most favorable website for streaming animated programs, still it has several drawbacks. This website provides you with expanded the range of SD and HD animated content that could also be synchronized and post-synchronized.

8 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Particularly, this website is quite useful for the lovers of animated series.

This website is in the list of those websites that exist in a legal grey zone where hosting of the website is not responsible legally for the content uploading on website.

Due to this, this website is not having any particular URL. Anytime they get a strike for copyright, they just move themselves to a new domain.

Of course, you will think about is GoGoAnime safe, so there is no need to worry. You can never face any legal issues because meeting million of people who use GoGoAnime is something near to impossible.

But according to my topic, you may wonder why we need alternatives for GoGoAnime?

Sometimes GoGoAnime website just goes offline and all its servers became unable to access. At this moment what you will do to enjoy any of your favorite anime series? So here you can get support from any of the alternatives of GoGoAnime. There are huge amount of alternatives available.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives in 2022

As I mentioned above, GoGoAnime TV offers you a good quality of anime content but not getting access to it will make it necessary for you to jump on its alternative. Another reason could be fetching legalized content. There are very few websites offering legal content for free. In my mentioned list there is also a legal website mentioned offering free streaming of content.

There are several alternatives for GoGoAnime. I have mentioned the best 8 from them. By using those you can watch anime in HD quality.

1. 9Anime

Do you know what is the best thing about this website?

The quality and design of its website. Yes, the color palette, navigability, and simplicity of the website make it competitive. It provides a subclass and synchronized content that can also get broadcast in HD quality. Another of its benefits is that this website has a policy of no displaying ads, the best thing for every user. 9Anime lets you search any of your favorable anime series by its genre easily.


It seems like a TV guide. You can easily watch the latest and ongoing episodes of anime series. It will notify you when the next episode will get broadcasted and downloaded. I can simply mention that 9Anime is an accurate alternative for the GoGoAnime app.

Moreover, nowadays the URL for this website is 9anime.vip and it could get changed anytime because of global domain takedown and copyright issues. As its navigation and user interface is quite easy, I recommend you to use it.


2. AnimeUltima

If you are seeking for a place where you can collaborate with friends along with watching and streaming anime, then suggestion to use AnimeUltima is accurate.

AnimeUltima just steps beyond with the connection of animated movies from all over the globe. It is having a blooming circle where it lets you chat, share and view cartoons. In terms of streaming, this website let you search the required animated data by its year, genre, and type. You can also go through the active animation on the website.


Moreover, it acquires a detailed anime schedule that lets you know the time of appearance of new shows and the broadcasting of next episodes.

There is also an option for requesting if you are unable to find a series or movie you want. I assure you that this is one of the best and accurate alternatives for GogoAnime.

3. Animeland

I added this website to this best GoGoAnime alternatives list because it comes with several languages. This lets you to filter the anime series in alphabetical order and navigate through it complete ease. This site itself gives you the option of the highest quality images regarding dubbed subtitles. I can even add that its quality is far better than that of GogoAnime.


You will observe a chat widget on the website AnimeLand which lets you converse the anime series you watching recommend those great programs to others also. At the bottom of the site, there is an option of “New Added Animes”, here all the new added series get displayed.

But along with this, you have to keep in mind that, as this website is executed with different scripts so it is quite slow in comparison with GogoAnime. Even this of its downside, still it is great alternative for GogoAnime.


4. AnimeShow

I observed that many of the anime lovers do not know about the website AnimeShow.

AnimeShow has a large database with all the latest subdivided and synchronized programs. However, the design of its user interface seems to be stiff on computer screens. Most probably, its developers develop it with their portable devices.

Moreover, its navigation bar could not be much functional in comparison with all other alternatives mentioned here, but still, it is usable.


This website includes anime movies of almost all types of genres, which includes adventure, action, drama, ecchi, comedy, fantasy, romance, mystery, etc. each of the anime added on the website has some certain description too. It will let you know the main idea and the total number of episodes.

The best feature I observed on this website was the random cartoon button. By clicking on it, you will just take to a random anime on the site. This is also one of the good alternatives for GogoAnime.

5. Chia-Anime

I experienced Chia-Anime as another great website for streaming anime.

This website offers you to stream free anime download and play manga, listen to the soundtracks of anime series, and also you can watch Asian animated dramas.

It is also accessible through smartphone by its mobile site for those who mostly use their smartphones to stream content. Additionally, all these services are completely free of cost. But it could be intrusive because of its ads. You have to avoid this site if you do not use an ad blocker.


On this site, you can also broadcast animated cartoons without a single penny and get access to all available databases. You can easily download most of the anime and drama episodes on Chia-Anime in the file format of MP4.

Without any doubt, it is a good competitor to GogoAnime and one of its best alternatives too.


6. Anime Karma

Anime Karma also gives the best experience for watching anime series online. this website acquires huge catalog of anime series. It offers you to watch anime series in HD quality. You will observe the list of tiles from the main page of the website. You can sort all the programs by their year released, genre, and quality.

Anime Karma

It also offers you dubbed program so you can watch it in your favorite language. However, this website only gives one server link. It is also a competitive alternative for GogoAnime.

7. Ex-Anime

After my experience, I get to know that ExAnime lets you watch all the best anime movies without any hassle.

It offers you to watch all types of anime series and movies to watch and stream online. the most favorite feature of most of the users is that it is not intrusive, no ads or pop-ups will interrupt you while watching your anime show.

It is a well designed website having a big number of anime programs.


Some of its best features include; you will not be needed to sign up to this website to watch any of your anime online. Ex-anime allows the user to design their own playlist for collecting all their favorite series and episodes.

It lets you enjoy your anime show is HD quality. The developers of this website have given great customers and technical support options. You can even request them to add your favorite anime to their website if it is not present.

It works with good speed and gives a good experience for the user interface. It is another best alternative for GoGoAnime.


8. Crunchyroll

You may wonder that there is not any legal website for streaming content. But here you are wrong!

Crunchyroll is a US-based publisher, distributor, and licensing company that acquires specialization in constant anime series. It acquires the largest library completely filled with legalized content of the streaming of anime. It gets benefitted from a globalized community, which has more than 45 million registered users and more than 2 million subscribers.


You may wonder that there is not any legal website for streaming content. But here you are wrong!

Crunchyroll is a US-based publisher, distributor, and licensing company that acquires specialization in constant anime series. It acquires the largest library completely filled with legalized content of the streaming of anime. It gets benefitted from a globalized community, which has more than 45 million registered users and more than 2 million subscribers.

This great service can be availed for free of charge or through a premium offer that lets the user watch their anime shows without ads. In the premium version, you will get all the best series broadcast immediately after it gets broadcasted in Japanese. It offers you all the best anime broadcasted.

If you are looking for any legal anime streaming website and best alternative for GogoAnime then this is something worthy to try.

Watching anime is now the most favorite activity of most of the people. It is something fascinating and passes the time with full excitement and energy. It makes you curious about the next episode as you are watching it live.

Finding a website for streaming content and watching anime is a big task you have to do. Now if you do not get access to GogoAnime then choose a website and get indulged in its added anime list and select your favorite anime and begin to enjoy it.


Final Words

Finding anime is not a fussy task as it used to be just a few years ago. There are a big number of websites available that lets you watch and stream content online, for instance, GogoAnime. The best anime website is the one that gives you a dubbed version of your anime.

These websites are offering quite great features and benefits that really make it competitive and great alternative for GogoAnime. You will get quite fascinated by its high quality images and simple user interface while watching your anime.

If you seek Reddit anime, there you will find several things related to anime websites and also GoGoanime Reddit. As it is quite common now, most of the people discussed it on Reddit too.

You should search for legal ways to enjoy your anime but these ways are not much pitiful to use, because no one can ever find you using it. Only the issue occurs is of copyright issue which is not your concern. Using these websites is even enjoyable as you are just watching your favorable anime stories.